Named after first daughter of Emperior Thaddeus Navia, Deonna is the name of the continent discovered. Ships arrived for the first time four years ago and now have established relatively safe routes. The ships can only set sail in the early winter and take a three month voyage before arriving. The spring and summer seas are far too dangerous to make the long journey. The ships that attempt to sail during spring and summer rarely make it to safe shores.

The new pioneers have yet to explore beyond the first hundred miles of the shore. Exploring parties return in ruins with stories of horrible creatures lurking in the woods. Most men refuse to return if they make it back.

Upon discovering the plains on the shores, small tribes of local Goblins were encountered. The war bands of Orcs and Ogres quickly made their presence known by raiding the ships and growing city constantly. Native Elves have been reported occasionally but have yet to make any contact.

The city of Elwood is the only established city so far and no native Humans or Dwarves have been encountered.


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