Character Generation

All characters and updates must be reviewed before game play. Here’s a filled out form of the Campaign Planning Form with lots of pertinent information you’ll need.

Campaign Overview

GM: Alex Camacho
Date: 10 March 2013
Campaign name: Dark Shores
Starting year: Year of our Emperor 436, December. Mid winter.
Rate game time passes: standard
Genre: Dark Fantasy (GURPS Fantasy 7)
Realistic or cinematic? Realistic consequences from cinematic abilities and powers.
Are there multiple planes of existence? Yes
General theme of campaign: A frontier style fantasy game where the dark fairy tales are true.

Campaign Background

Campaign’s base city, nation, empire, or planet: Elwood is the base city, settled by the Panor Empire on the planet of Terra.
Society/government type: Feudal (GURPS 510)
Control Rating: CR1 for Elwood and CR4 for the homeland.
Exceptions to general CR: None
Tech level: Transportation TL4, Weapons and Armor TL3, Power TL3, Biotechnology/Medicine TL3
Exceptions to general TL: Precise Navigation and Steel is a tightly kept secret by a select few. Firearms have not been invented.
Brief description of important neighboring powers, political/economic situation, etc.: Large tribes of Goblins, Ogres, and Orcs roam the surrounding areas. They are hostile for the most part. The city of Elwood is surviving on trade with the locals and through supply shipments.
Suggested or required reading for players: The Twilight War and Elwood

Information for PCs

Starting point value allowed for PCs: 150
Disadvantage limit: 50
Especially useful/useless character types: Useful; Any of the Occupational or Adventuring Templates in GURPS Fantasy 114-126, GURPS 259-260, GURPS Banestorm 202-217
Especially appropriate/inappropriate professions: -
PC races allowed: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Goblins, Halflings, Orcs, Hobgoblins, Ogres
Starting wealth: 1,000
Starting Wealth levels allowed: Any
Starting Status levels allowed: Maximum 6
Starting TLs allowed: 3
Languages available: Common (Humans, Halflings, Giants), High Elven (Elves, Fairies, Dragons, Merfolk), Low Elven (Centaurs,Trolls, Minotaurs), Goblin (Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orc, Ogre), Dwarven (Dwarves, Kobolds, Gnomes), Reptilian (Reptile Men)
Cultural Familiarities available: Any
Required advantages, disadvantages, and skills: -
Especially appropriate or inappropriate advantages, disadvantages, and skills: All Wild! skills are banned.
Appropriate Patrons (and base value): -
Appropriate Enemies (and base value): -

Special Abilities Allowed for PCs

Exotic/supernatural traits: Most but subject to GM approval
Cinematic skills: Most but subject to GM approval
Are PC mages allowed? Yes
General mana level: Normal
Do areas of higher/lower mana exist? Yes, as well as Aspected Mana.
Are any of the spells from Chapter 5 (or GURPS Magic) off limits? Yes, see Powerful Magic
Are PC psis allowed? Yes
Are any of the powers from Chapter 6 off limits? No but require GM approval.
Are PC gadgeteers allowed? Yes
Are there special limits on gadgeteering? Quick Gadgeteering is not allowed.
Unusual Background cost(s) for these abilities: Psionics require Unusual Background 35pts and all abilities with the Modifier -10 Psionic, Magical abilities requires Unusual Background 30pts and the abilities with the Modifier -10 Magical, Magery requires Unusual Background 20pts, Alchemy requires Unusual Background 20pts, Herb Lore requires Unusual Background 10pts
Legal or social restrictions on these abilities: For Magic see Powerful Magic. For Psionics see Psionic Powers

Other Notes

Books for optional rules or variants (advantages, disadvantages, skills, etc.): GURPS Martial Arts, GURPS Magic, GURPS Low-Tech, GURPS City Stats

Character Generation

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