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  • Alexander Wilco

    Wilco is a older male human who has been recently retired city guard. He was able to amass a small pile of wealth that modern police would have found to be unethical. But even this gold will not take care of him and his sister, Diana. As a result Wilco …

  • Marc Harrison

    He's an older man with a thick goatee. He's average height and fit for his age. He's somewhere around his mid to late forties. He's been in Elwood since the beginning.

  • Duke Lorenzo Dryfuss

    He's a very well spoken man who carries himself with an air of supremacy. He's well aware of his noble blood and reminds those around him if they should forget. His servant, [[:thomas-gibbs | Thomas Gibbs]], is almost always at his side. He passed away …

  • Thomas Gibbs

    He's a quiet and very reserved man and follows [[:duke-lorenzo-dryfuss | Duke Lorenzo Dryfuss]] everywhere he goes. He's still recovering but it looks like he'll make a full recovery. He nearly died from the ailment that killed his employer.

  • Doyle Webb

    The co-owner and manager of the [[Four Corners Tavern | Four Corners Tavern]], he's a friendly man and pron to gossip - for the right price. Everything goes in the ledger.

  • Frances Mendoza

    He's well known as a Seer in [[Panor | Panor]] and has been an adviser for the emperor for most of his life. He's fallen prey to senility and has been sent to [[Deonna | Deonna]] to retire as a thank you for his years of service. He was to be escorted by …

  • Samantha Webb

    It's whispered quietly that she may have hobgoblin blood in her family somewhere. She's a tall woman with the build of a brick layer. The wife of [[:doyle-webb | Doyle Webb]], she and her husband keep the [[Four Corners Tavern | Four Corners Tavern]] …

  • Naxxan

    Naxxan used his inability to get lost to make a living drawing maps and was able to ply his trade well enough to get contracted by the Emperor to map the new land. Naxxan rarely speaks of his past or how he got his burns and never speaks of who did such …

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