Alexander Wilco

A retired guard who has takes care of his sister. So his retirement is ending soon.


Wilco is a older male human who has been recently retired city guard. He was able to amass a small pile of wealth that modern police would have found to be unethical. But even this gold will not take care of him and his sister, Diana. As a result Wilco going to pull a few strings, try some old tricks and ask for some hearty favors so he could finally live a quiet life of gardening.

Not long after a derelict boat roams into his city his sister, Frances Wilco, is stolen into the night. Wilco comes out of retirement in order to find the thief. Releasing a goblin from a favor Wilco and company was able to find an abnegated mine. Threw the mine Wilco was able to save his sister.

Not long afterwards the party was able to find corruption all over the remaining political structure of the city. From this Wilco was able to be promoted to the captain of the guard, but the title was wooden for the majority of the guard has jumped ship.

Upon successful discovery of the impending doom of the denizens of the city, Wilco made is sister go off into hiding. Then traveled with his comrades to find the scary lake and kill the elder god. Hopefully, Wilco will achieve divination and become the god of blunt force trauma.

Alexander Wilco

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