The world is in a phase of healing. After generations of war, the races retreat to their corners of the world, trying to remember what sparked the war between them. In the time of respite Mankind flourishes for the first time. The Kingdom of Man stretches and they begin to set their eyes across the sea. This is the story of those brave explorers.

The story starts in the city of Elwood. The people coming from the lands across the ocean have all been influenced heavily in some fashion by the Twilight War. They are looking for a fresh start taking a long voyage by a perilous route to an uncharted land.

This is a GURPS 4th Edition game set in a dark fantasy world. We’ll be using the virtual tabletop Roll20 with Click on the logo for our live stream address.

Next Session
Date: Jan 25 2014
Time: 9:00pm (CST)

Date (#) Adventure XP Players
25 Jan 2014 13.
1 Dec 2013 12. 3 Dan, Derek, Jeff, & Seann
2 Nov 2013 11. 3 Dan, Derek, Jeff, & Seann
12 Oct 2013 10. 4 Dan, Derek, Jeff, & Seann
7 Sept 2013 9. Setting Traps 3 Dan, Derek, Seann, & Vaclav
24 August 2013 8. Unveiling the Truth 3 Dan, Derek, & Vaclav
3 August 2013 7. Crows Nest 4 Dan, Derek, Seann, & Vaclav
27 July 2013 6. Chasing Crow 3 Dan, Derek, & Vaclav
13 July 2013 5. Crows Feast 4 Dan, Derek, Jeff, Seann, & Vaclav
29 June 2013 4. From the Fog 3 Dan, Derek, Jeff, Seann, & Vaclav
15 June 2013 3. Shady Glenn Inn 2 Dan, Derek, Jeff, Seann, & Vaclav
31 May 2013 2. The Prisoner 2 Dan, Seann, & Vaclav
25 May 2013 1. A Safe Harbor 3 Dan, Jeff, & Vaclav
11 May 2013 0. Pre Game Prep Dan, Jeff, Justin, & Seann

GM Merit Badges

My games will tell an interesting StoryI roll Dice in the open and don't fudge the results in my gamesMy games focus on interesting Characters and DramaMy games include Disturbing contentI play By-The-Book and "rule-zero" is not being used to alter existing rules

Dark Shores

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