The city of Elwood is a new city settlement in it’s first four years. It’s named after the ship captain of the first surviving fleet. The kingdom of Panor has sent a small fleet of ships to the Eastern Lands, now referred to as Deonna, and finally had some success. The city was hard to establish after many raids from the local goblin and Orc tribes. After many skirmishes and negations with the natives, the city is now doing well through trade as a port city and trading post despite the occasional raid.

The location for the Emperor’s palace has been chosen and a fortified wall is being constructed. The city continues to expand within the confines of the walls. Due to the natives still making land claims outside the protection of the walls, expansion has been despairingly slow. The city still depends heavily on supply ships, local trade and a few specialized mages to survive.

Pioneers must make all land claims, inside and outside of the city, at the local Money Exchange Office where a direct representative of the Emperor can make it official.

Elwood City Stats Population 679 (Search -2)
Physical and Magical Environment
Terrain: Woodlands, Plains
Appearance: Unattractive (-1) when entering town, Average (0) past Shack Town
Hygiene: -1
Mana Level & Enchanment: Normal Mana, Common Enchantment
Culture and Economy
Language: Common, High Elven, Goblin and Dwarven)
Literacy: Broken
TL: 3
Wealth: Struggling
Status: -2 to 6
Political Environment
Government: Feudal, Colony
CR: 1 (Corruption 0)
Military Resources: 120k (Monthly Income 350 x Population 679 x Military Budget Factor 50%), Defense Bonus: +5
Status: -2 to 6


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