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  • Marc Harrison

    He's an older man with a thick goatee. He's average height and fit for his age. He's somewhere around his mid to late forties. He's been in Elwood since the beginning.

  • Duke Lorenzo Dryfuss

    He's a very well spoken man who carries himself with an air of supremacy. He's well aware of his noble blood and reminds those around him if they should forget. His servant, [[:thomas-gibbs | Thomas Gibbs]], is almost always at his side. He passed away …

  • Thomas Gibbs

    He's a quiet and very reserved man and follows [[:duke-lorenzo-dryfuss | Duke Lorenzo Dryfuss]] everywhere he goes. He's still recovering but it looks like he'll make a full recovery. He nearly died from the ailment that killed his employer.

  • Frances Mendoza

    He's well known as a Seer in [[Panor | Panor]] and has been an adviser for the emperor for most of his life. He's fallen prey to senility and has been sent to [[Deonna | Deonna]] to retire as a thank you for his years of service. He was to be escorted by …

  • Hyticese

    He is one of [[:frances-mendoza | Frances Mendoza]]'s "nephews". He's to see that Francis is cared for in his senility and received the best care. He was first met in [[The Prisoner | The Prisoner]]. He attempted to speak to the party but not in common …

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