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  • Four Corners Tavern

    This tavern and inn is the largest and oldest in town. It broke ground before the lumber for the first gate was cut. It’s well established and is the cheapest in town in addition to having a reputation for great service. It’s owned by Selena. The …

  • Doyle Webb

    The co-owner and manager of the [[Four Corners Tavern | Four Corners Tavern]], he's a friendly man and pron to gossip - for the right price. Everything goes in the ledger.

  • Samantha Webb

    It's whispered quietly that she may have hobgoblin blood in her family somewhere. She's a tall woman with the build of a brick layer. The wife of [[:doyle-webb | Doyle Webb]], she and her husband keep the [[Four Corners Tavern | Four Corners Tavern]] …

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