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  • Ybith

    *Name*: Ybith (of Toad Clan) *Race*: Goblin *Nation*: Uzal *Overview*: Curious, greedy, and impulsive - yet somehow keeps getting into trouble. *Family*: Ybith is the seventh of twenty-three surviving brothers and sisters (not all the same …

  • Vox

    He was caught by the party in [[Crows Nest | Crows Nest]] while attempting to sacrifice [[:wilco | Wilco]]'s sister on a large stone alter.

  • Chavo

    He was captured in session 4 by [[:naxxan | Naxxan]] and [[:grok | Grok]]. He and [[:keel | Keel]] were across the street eavesdropping on [[:ybith | Ybith]] and Grok. He was approached by Grok and talked to him before being caught and tied up.

  • Keel

    First encountered in SESSION 04. He was attempting to flank [[:naxxan | Naxxan]] and [[:grok | Grok]] by running around [[Four Corners Tavern | Four Corners Tavern]] when he ran into [[:ybith | Ybith]]. He attempted to buy the heart seed from Ybith when …

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