Name: Ybith (of Toad Clan)

Race: Goblin

Nation: Uzal

Curious, greedy, and impulsive – yet somehow keeps getting into trouble.

Ybith is the seventh of twenty-three surviving brothers and sisters (not all the same father). Goblins are born in litters of 3 to 5 at a time. Many don’t survive. Goblin society is matriarchal, and fathers aren’t really tracked that carefully.

Uzal is a somewhat Aztec-like nation of Goblins, Orcs and Ogres. Each race is divided into 3-6 clans (Goblins are Toad, Bee, Hummingbird, Gecko, Kangaroo-mouse, and Dog clans). You’re born into your mothers clan and can’t mate with anyone of your own clan. Clans vie for status and power shifts constantly.

Reason why Ybith is now a wandering adventurer:
Ybith stumbled into some odd and secret co-operation between the (orcish) Panther clan and Humans! Ever since then they’ve been after him. Since the Panther clan are close to the Emperor, Ybith got as far out of Uzal as he could manage.

History with Grok:
He met up with Grok investigating what the Panther clan was up to in some jungle ruins. Perhaps they were captured and escaped together. Although Groks moral sense is strange and slightly annoying to Ybith, he seems to get Ybith out of trouble and adventure. This is very useful so Ybith sticks around. Grok has grown on Ybith and they have formed a strange bond. They might leave each other for length at a time, but somehow always find each other when needed…much to Ybiths surprise. Groks has taught Ybith that some sprints are kindred – Ybith feels this needs further investigation.

There is something going back in Uzal. Those Panthers are up to something, and working with Humans!


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