Halfling, local Herbalist and sort of a "healer"


Usually dressed in motley combination of flashy colors he is hardly to be overlooked when walking around the town. When outside the town, Yannek usually covers his flashy colored outfit under a black hooded cloak. When at home Yannek smokes an oddly smelling mixture of herbs and tobacco from a long elegant pipe.


Yannek Thornstinger is a Halfling, living currently at the outskirts of East Shacktown. Often seen taking a morning walk to the nearby neighborhood of the town to pick plants and herbs, other than those he grows in his little garden behind his little cottage in Shack Town. Yannek never misses out to visit a baker in the early morning to get some fresh donuts and he always carries his walking stick (short staff). Yannek is a known in the Elwood as a herbalist and a healer of the poor, who can’t afford to use the services of Infirmary.
Unlike most of other Halflings, Yannek seems to be slender and a little taller. Also not as staid as other Halflings, Yannek welcomes any opportunity to travel or leave for a trip. Yannek is known to disappear ocasionally for couple of days, without leting anyone know where is he going or what is he doing. And he never gives a straight answer on any questions asked about it.

Nothing much is known about Yannek before he came to Elwood. He mostly deflects any questions about his past by changing the topic. When someone insists, he usually says tha he grew in a family of a tanner, his mother was a herbalist and he learned his trade from her, because his older brother followed their fathers trade.


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