Burns scarring the left side of his body with a poorly wrought but wicked hook replacing his hand.


5’10" 190Lbs
Skilled mapmaker, accomplished fighter, proficient survivalist.
Never seen to flinch at taking a wound and very hard to surprise.
Very rough and gravelly voice from past accident.


Naxxan used his inability to get lost to make a living drawing maps and was able to ply his trade well enough to get contracted by the Emperor to map the new land. Naxxan rarely speaks of his past or how he got his burns and never speaks of who did such cut rate job with his amputation and prosthesis. Clearly a driven man to keep going after whatever he went through and to bring himself to a position of prominence like Emperor’s Cartographer of Deonna. At some point he took some trauma to his throat, possibly in what gave him the burns, that left him with a voice very hard to be comfortable hearing.


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