A Shamanistic Ogre, not stupid but not super smart either. Plant based shamanistic magics


Name: Grok Ubakk

Race: Ogre

Tribe: Silver Peak
His tribe lives at the base off the Silver Peak mountains.

Probable smarter than the average Ogre..but not a genius compared to most races
Fairly slow and methodical, not outright stupid just not in a hurry
Love and aptitude for Nature/Plant Magic
Does not shy away from a fight, but does not go looking for trouble. Not very good at combat but can use his magic to cause harm if necessary
Makes extra money healing the land and helping make sure there are good crops and no weeds..ect

Grok is one of many brothers, but his forbearer is the Tribal Leader Lubbok.
In Ogre society the dominate male will have many children throughout the tribe, so being the son of the Chief is an honor but no right of command(at least directly). Typically it’s the oldest and strongest that can obtain the role of Chief, but if another family group proves stronger the title can and will shift around. His family has been in power for several generations and has provided much needed stability.

Lubbok has turned the historically warlink Tribe away from direction aggression (for Ogres at least) into something closer resembling a small settlement. This has caused some resentment in the Tribe..ect

Reason why Grok left:
Grok had little interest vying for any sort of leadership role in the tribe and found he had a gift for communing with the nature Spirits. The Tribal Shaman Vkah noticed his talent and took him under his wings. In general Grok stayed out of the politics (fighting..ect) that Ogre politics consist of but recently with tensions heating up he found himself being pulling into the in-fighting. The Shaman role of the village carries a certain prestige and others in is family wanted to utilize this. Ogres can be surprisingly apt to Tribal politics..
Realizing the distractions was disrupting his training, he decided it was time to leave and go on his Spirit Journey. His Spirit Guide directed him to see different areas of the Wide World and learn from those experiences. Primarily he is to observe the world and learn how the Earth and Plant Spirits interact with different peoples and different locations.

History with Ybith(Sean):
He met up with Ybith during an expedition in some jungle ruins. Perhaps they were captured and escaped together. Although Ybiths view on magic is strange and slightly perverse to Grok, he seems to get Grok into trouble and adventure. This is a perfect learning opportunity so Grok sticks around. Grok views Ybiths as brother to some degree and they have formed a strange bond. They might leave each other for length at a time, but somehow always find each other when needed…this does not seem to surprise them. Groks has been taught some sprints are kindred and does not need any further explanation.

There is something going in the Tribe back home. Grok has been gone for several years but perhaps the Rival clan in the Tribe is out to get him? Surprise me.

-He has a Vow to protect the forest from outright destruction. Simple logging and clearing for fields “hurts” him at some level but he views that as progress of life. Outright destruction and wastefulness is another matter…

-During his travels he discovered the use from some Fungal spore dust(Fungus is considered a necessary but distasteful blight by most Plant Sprites) and he became addicted to its spores while trying learn more. Serves him right

-He is pretty naive with most people particularly non Ogres. He shows his emotions and is not good at being discrete

-During his journey Grok found a small spore pod that caught his attention. He cared for the pod for several months and it eventually hatched/sprouted into a small fern sprite. Grok believes this was given to him by the Plant Spirits as an eventual guide/totem, but he must show that he can protect the little fern. It is sentient but not useful in any real sense..perhaps when it grows up?….


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